Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Meet murder suspect Fuel Box Girl

My sister-in-law, an attorney, was trustee for this idiotic trust before I unseated her and installed the Man of Steal. She wanted me to move to her parents’ hometown, MacAlester, OK, and threw a wild, screaming, crying, tears and snot flying fit saying what I needed to do was have her friend come to my house and help me pack.

I told her I didn’t need any help, but reluctantly agreed. The girl she sent built a firebomb in my kitchen I named “fuel box,” and I talked about that in this post. She and the trustee were following my dad’s wife’s lead, that the assets were to be stolen and I was to be eliminated.

They were excited by the idea of killing a person, making money and getting away with it. I called them murder conspirators; specifically, people who would plan and carry out murder for money, with the promise of protection from the law. That idea is compelling and contagious to some people.

Local police and federal law enforcement did not care to hear this, and have acted like no one should worry since murder isn’t actually illegal. Certainly it never had anything to do with stolen money, and my mentioning it proved what my thieving killers told them, that I was born without a brain. The DHS adult protective services specialist told me to not talk about it.

Last week, the girl who made this firebomb, aka fuel box, was arrested for—guess what—murder. It seems her fiancĂ© came up with a bullet in the head and he died. She told the police he committed suicide. They studied the facts and her changing account, and decided she shot him. So, she sits in the Logan county jail and is presumed not guilty.

My list of murder conspirators surrounding this case now has at least 20 names if not more. The law does not care about that or the stolen money. No one, not even my own lawyers, will talk to me. The civil and criminal cases are hopelessly stalled despite favorable judgments. Do any of them have cause to rethink things since her arrest? Apparently they do not. Something else is wrong with all of it. As always, I’ll be the last to know. Hey, this is hilarious again. I wonder if the others are laughing.

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