Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Midway through the third year

In July 2015 we had a civil judgment and a federal criminal indictment of the brilliant Man of Steal. Now we are midway through the third year of seeking a court-ordered repayment plan. The first court appearance is not in sight for either case.

I’ve encouraged my lawyer to move ahead. He won’t, and won’t meet with me. The agent said the defendant is proud and would fight the criminal case. I said my stepmother doesn’t want the facts of it on the record, that he’ll wait until the end of the continuance, November 3, 2015, then he’ll enter a plea bargain, which delays the court’s disposition and his possible incarceration. That’s exactly what he did October 27, entering a plea of guilty and agreeing to restitution. That means he doesn’t go to court and I’m not reimbursed.

At the end of September, I noticed my revolver didn’t work. I bought it new ten years ago, and it’s been fired about 100 times. I took it to a gunsmith. The main spring was disconnected. He put it back and charged $70. “Could that come loose just sitting in a drawer?” I asked him. “Sure,” he said. Right! That’s a textbook gang stalking, gas lighting tactic: they don’t steal your gun, they make it nonfunctional. I still have lots of gas lighting.

Someone took a damn $1 Sharpie out of the jar on my desk when I was out. Something like that isn’t tangible to police, nor is contaminating food and water. The gun repair is tangible, and sloppy on the stalkers’ part.

The agent told me the Man of Steal paid an outstanding judgment with my money, and the recipient broke no laws taking it, according to the U.S. attorney’s office, and it’s irretrievable. The federal court and prosecutor typically schedule the sentencing hearing 60 to 90 days after the plea bargain agreement, and this week I learned it may run to 120 days. I have new surveillance players with cell phones in the neighborhood. I drank contaminated water in my home last week, something that hasn’t happened in many months.

The U.S. attorney offered the voluntary victim impact statement form requesting a reply in ten days. I agonized, blocked and locked up for two months trying to write the strange account no one wants to hear about this stupid and idiotic situation. I threw out the first three versions. After writing and editing the fourth version, I threw out three-quarters of it and rewrote the rest.

I mailed the victim impact statement New Year’s eve. It was delivered at 4:09 p.m. Monday, January 4, 2016 to the U.S. attorney, according to U.S. Postal Service. On January 6, U.S, Attorney Sanford Coats tendered his resignation. The cover letter and victim impact statement are pictured here. Click on the images to read them. I name a few names and am not kind to these shit holes.

The Man of Steal faces one charge of wire fraud, and possibly five more fraud charges, according to the Department of Justice’s Victim Notification System website, which generally doesn’t work at all but might for a few minutes on a rare occasion. The charges are worth 20 years each—but, it’s nothing urgent.

Usually finance fraud cases in this part of the world are disposed in four to six months if I can believe my case review. You shouldn’t think every case is like this one. The facts overall must rank as The Weirdest Thing I’ve Ever Seen. I’m not young, and that’s saying a lot. If you have read here and read the victim impact statement, you’ll have a very good idea of what this is about. I’ve sent much correspondence and written much about it.

The surveillance role player (SRP) lady next door had not gone to the trouble of enrolling her troublemaking daughter in school, if you can believe that. Her work with the stalking team was more important, apparently. Edmond Public Schools put an end to it. It’s been a little quieter, but they’re still here and make their presence known. I was mistaken! I just saw this little girl, who is 10 or 11, riding her bike, at an hour when she should be in school. How about that? The stalking team gets everything their way. They buy off lawyers, judges and even the Edmond Public School District, which agrees turning a little girl into a criminal is more important than standard education. Anything goes here. It's outrageous, unbelievable.

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