Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Gang stalking

I’d been thinking there is a name for what’s been happening. I was right. The name is gang stalking.

Gang stalking has nothing to do with street gangs. It means many people are involved causing a variety of harassment and trouble. Read about it at fightgangstalking.com. It describes what’s been happening to me in very great detail! I was stunned.

I made a diary note about my computer being hacked September 20. It wouldn’t boot and said it couldn’t load the user profile. I brought it up and found a new profile named TEMP set up to take ownership and lots of events in event viewer. I removed the profile.

I’ve taken to carrying a camera. When my next door neighbors see it, they run. Sure enough, it says in the website perpetrators don’t want their pictures taken. I told the police I was thinking of printing a flyer about these assholes, and sure enough, the website says you should do just that. It says you should post signs and banners and write letters to politicians and the media.

Ordinarily, gang stalking is ordered by a government agency as a means of overloading and neutralizing someone labeled subversive. They farm this job to a private organization that makes a business causing harassment, like the homeland security era counterterrorism institute. If you have the money and know who to call, you can order this service as a private individual. That’s what my father’s wife has done. This is what I get for loving them and being the only child they raised who didn’t cause problems and expense. The thing I liked best on the website was the many references to elements taken from the East German Stasi. Yeah, no kidding.

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