Friday, September 11, 2015

It doesn't matter

I received the most interesting news from the FBI agent yesterday when he returned my computer. He told me the Man of Steal has resurrected his business, put out his sign and is apparently operating as a certified public accountant. I was unaware of that. It should come as no surprise.

He told the state accountancy board. They reminded him our man’s looting of the trust was the worst case of malpractice they’ve ever seen. But, that’s all right.

Forget that his certificate was permanently revoked more than a year ago. That he doesn’t have a license is okay. IT DOESN’T MATTER!

You probably thought a guy had to go to graduate school and take a licensing exam to be a doctor, lawyer, architect or CPA. If you think that, you’re stupid and brain defective! You don’t need a license, and you can do anything you want. IT DOESN’T MATTER!

Just come to Oklahoma City. I’m hanging out my shingle. I am now a lawyer and brain surgeon. I’m going to pull out all them brains. It’s okay if all my patients die. IT DOESN’T MATTER! Nobody could do anything about it even if they cared, and nobody does or ever will.

A guy could wake up, “mistakenly” slaughter everyone in town and set the whole city on fire, and that would be just fine. IT DOESN’T MATTER!! He hasn’t broken any laws because there are no laws; in fact, what does the word “laws” mean, anyway? Oh yeah, I forgot—there is no such word.

Steal everything. Kill everyone. It just doesn’t matter and never will. In its haste to protect and cover up for the Man of Steal, the holiest of sacred gods, the “legal process” has legalized everything. That’s the real world you live in now.

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