Saturday, October 15, 2016

More fun and profit lawbreaking

The man in the picture is the U.S. attorney for the western district of Oklahoma, formerly interim attorney following the unexpected resignation of the previous U.S. attorney who served with distinction.

He resigned to play no role in the disgusting disposition of the federal criminal case on this issue. He and his wife paid off their home loan ten years ago. In May, 2016 they took out a $100,000 home equity loan to keep themselves out of the street.

On September 26, I sent the Department of Justice Office of Professional Responsibility this e-mail pointing out things appear haywire at our local office. For months I debated the wisdom of doing this, finally deciding cordiality from the U.S. attorney is a ship that long ago sailed.
Consider what happened. I’ve asked lately about Dennis’s death certificate. It’s now been 162 days since May 6, 2016 when his lawyer said he died. No one can say they’ve seen his death certificate. If he is alive, the long delay in getting the criminal case to court was because it took time to find a dead body matching his description enough to fake out relevant parties. Police arrived at his office that morning to serve a warrant, according to news reports. I don’t know what that was about. They found a body, and called it a suspicious death because it was in a state of decomposition inconsistent with death a few minutes or hours before. It’s just a theory—and it explains a lot of things. If this is the real story, the U.S. attorney's office knew it New Years Day, 2016, and probably before.

Faking your death is legal, even to avoid prosecution. If Dennis is alive, he’s received world class coaching in survival and evasion. Still, he must wonder every minute if police are about to kick in the door and take him.

Since, the gang stalking program has been blistering. I talked with police three times last week, and was almost arrested. However, the new activity comes out of my saying I intended and wanted to divest the trust, because it isn’t useful or secure.

Monica, the trustee, told me my darling stepmother, Patty, is a signatory on the trust! I asked how and when that happened, and she said we went to the bank and signed paperwork when she became trustee. I did not do that, and never signed anything at a bank with any trustee. Her story is a lie concocted by Patty and friends in order to do some real looting. After taxes, the oil lease has produced as much money as Dennis stole. To top it, the lawyer I hired (pictured here)
told me Patty has been paying his invoices, a small detail that I suspected and for which lacked verification. She pays off everybody to get her way. So, what I have is as shitty a mess as one can imagine. The new word is I’ll never be able to touch a penny under any circumstances, if there is anything left. I never could be called greedy.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Endless misery

The trust has surprising, new income—and that’s bad. If it is stolen, and indications are that it will be, then what went to taxes and was stolen will total more than half a million dollars. As always my pump sewage stepmother is driving the whole thing, because she thrives on stealing and killing. It’s a family tradition. I don’t do it, so I am a target.

Last week was a very busy one for gang stalking. It was evident I had new home invasion. Week before last, I found a tarp strap outside my house. Tarp straps are not typical household items. Here’s a video of me talking about it during the presidential debate.
Last week someone dumped four new, starving cats on our street that joined the cute black and white one my neighbor dumped before. I made sure they had plenty to eat, photographed them and sent their photos to the animal welfare center asking why the city tolerates this crime. I had home invasion and consumed contaminated water twice, which is unusual. It gave me sudden onset, projectile diarrhea. The cats’ water was also contaminated. The girl cat had diarrhea with blood. I changed the water and her stool instantly normalized. She remained sick and listless for four days.

On Thursday, September 29, the trustee refused my incentive to divest the trust, $10,000. That comes after she announced she would help herself to an 800% increase in pay. She writes one check a month, and won’t let me touch the money, so her demand is outrageous. She also told me my stepmother is a signatory—a huge bomb.

I asked how and why that happened. She said she, pump sewage and I went to the bank when she became trustee, and all of us signed paperwork making it happen. I told her I did not do that and have NEVER gone to the bank with a trustee and signed anything. I told her I would NEVER assent to my stepmother’s becoming a signatory or any other thing. I spent all day Friday asking the bank if they could verify this information with no result.

I was so pumped with adrenaline, I didn’t sleep for two nights. Thursday night I made this simple felt marker on butcher paper sign. The website,, says posting a sign with the link acts to discourage this activity. It’s been very quiet in the street since it went in the window. At night it’s backlit so it shows every minute of every hour, 24 hours a day. These assholes are trying very hard to kill me. As always, endless stealing and killing are what trust is.