Saturday, March 21, 2015

It's not over: The Magic Document

It’s not really over, that is, until I say it’s over. At this point, the lawyers have had the civil case 16 months. Their petition was filed in January 2014. The pretrial conference was scheduled in August for December 3. No one showed and the judge dismissed the lawsuit.

At the end of January, the judge granted my lawyer’s petition to vacate the dismissal and the pretrial conference was rescheduled for March 4, 2015. I was told the judge cancelled the pretrial conference because of an approaching snowstorm. As of today, no note about it appears on

Having asked the lawyer three times to reschedule it, and having been promised he would and he didn’t, I called the judge’s clerk to ask if I could do it. She said no. “What do I do now?” I asked. “Get legal counsel,” she said. It’s hilarious! I spent all day every day last week working on that problem.

So far, other lawyers don’t want anything to do with this unsightly mess. I don’t blame them. They asked why my law firm has been inactive. I told them they have their reasons but haven’t seen fit to share them with me, although I’ve asked. Months and years click away with no action, grinding and eating me.

Looting a trust account violates criminal laws, to be precise, although it took many months and intervention by the state of Oklahoma to convince law enforcement of it, beginning in August 2013. The FBI is in the eighteenth month of their investigation. In this time I consumed mysteriously contaminated food and water in my home many times, wondering if it would kill me. They have nothing to say.

Therefore, with regard to the legal process, it’s over. I’d still like to see some good come out of it for someone else, at least, if not for me. What’s the real problem? I’m in no mystical inner circle, so I can’t know about the real problem. I’m left to theorize. Now we’re getting somewhere.

In the no mutuality, magic trust agreement document, hereinafter referred to as The Magic Document, my father and stepmother’s schlock lawyer made the surprising statement the trustee is not bound by “rules of law or statutes.” This was interpreted to mean it is perfectly legal to steal the money and kill me, and this lawyer has provided support for how to go about doing these things.

Something far bigger has happened. The Constitution has what is called the equal protection clause that states rules of law and statutes apply equally to all people, and all people are entitled to protection from the violation of rules of law and statutes.

The Magic Document declares the trustee doesn’t have to observe or obey rules of law or statutes. This means all law and statutes are rendered moot and inert for all people who fall under the Constitution’s authority. Isn’t that amazing? I begged them not to do it, but they did. Now, anyone can do anything at all and police, judges, prosecutors, corrections officers, legislators, law books, courts, jails and prisons are simply not needed. Otherwise, it would be called the selective protection clause, not the equal protection clause. The (perfectly legal) Magic Document has ascended to a world-class declaration of liberty to do whatever occurs to anyone’s imagination with impunity and without the burden of the possibility of reprisal. It’s a marvel of inclusion and a splendid example of a new model replacing the outdated old model.

Now I see why recovery can’t happen and I need funeral prearrangement. Or, you or I or anyone can sweep the landscape clean of every single thing and person, and it’s as perfect as perfect can be. We can no longer be in denial about this inevitable outcome. This is your life now.