Monday, January 27, 2014

The executor

I removed the trustee in mid-December. The trustee wrote himself 113 checks totaling $189,382.40.

The story of the executor, my stepmother and someone I’ve known since 1959, is a rich tapestry turned bulging phantasm. You’d expect this, as she ordered the trustee’s stealing, and is herself a world-class expert at estate looting and the disappearance of money and people—something I learned too late. I supported my dad’s relationship with her, and loved her from the heart, because after my mother died he needed something and someone besides my brother, nephew or me to keep him company.

In the 19 years since she married my father, I ignored that she followed lockstep his lead in causing destruction and anger for me with every act and sentence. In the name of family I stayed in touch, and they were able to make gestures that could be thought mildly friendly. I ignored the truth that they were behind the worst disasters that ever happened to me, always involving the loss of everything and every acquaintance, and suggestions of premature death. When their actions and statements approached mortal threat, I avoided them, sometimes for years.

It was a simple program. I couldn’t have a job, cash flow or money in the bank. I couldn’t own something, although I could purchase things with the idea my father would take them. I couldn’t know anyone. Even casual acquaintances were destroyed, and I was kept under surveillance to make sure. It was no secret.

My father, brother and the executor admitted they did all this, as did others. My father said he would never stop, and he never did. He set up these mechanisms to make sure I was kept under siege and at zero money. Those are the substantial program features. This program has been completely effective. I have been and am the most unaccomplished, poorest and most solitary individual I’ve ever seen.

In the last decade, new features were added. One is an aggressive defamation effort in the community to eliminate witnesses and any speck of sympathy. Another is trouble in the neighborhood, with my father and his wife paying people to cause trouble. Since my father died, the executor ramped up this work significantly.

Before my father died, the park manager began paying visits to tell me if I didn’t do this or that stupid thing, the owners would ask me to leave. He made it clear they wanted me to leave and believed they had a good reason, but didn’t disclose it.

In the last six years, my next-door neighbor, her parents and others providing animals dumped cats and dogs at my front door that had been methodically starved and tortured. The animals arrived deeply frightened and desperate for food and water. I estimate they dumped 50-70 cats and dogs. I helped very few, and many perished. I already cared for two cats born in the neighborhood, and the new animals created endless problems. The neighbors tried to provoke battles. I became aware that they were being paid to do it by my stepmother, the executor.

My neighbor’s father took one of my cats to the shelter. He’d been missing for six days. His microchip saved him. I received the news the shelter had him at lunch with my stepmother, who received the call from the shelter instead of me, for some reason. Why would that happen? The answer is this is typical of the sort of complicated, frivolous and chronically annoying troublemaking that is her hallmark.

I talked at great length to the shelter and to the police. The animal control officer did an investigation. It didn’t reveal current facts that reached the threshold of taking action. My neighbors ceased the activity when I told their friends I knew they were doing it deliberately, had people helping them and were paid to do it.

I took the last four cats they dumped to the shelter after fixing and vaccinating them and caring for them for six months, and not finding homes for them. It was heart breaking. The last one cried, “no, no, no, no,” as we parted, saying it as clearly as a human being. The neighbors dumped an average of one animal a week for the last six months. The activity was intended to keep me busy while the trustee stole the last of the money and concealed the bank statements.

Stepmom did another thing to help conceal the theft of the trust’s assets. She sent her granddaughter to visit. The young lady stole several things from my house I learned after she left, about $500 worth. I recovered some of those things. She asked to use the computer to search for a job. She went to one website, had it opened a couple seconds and no image loaded, then closed it and said she was finished. After that, my computer wouldn’t open my bank’s website. Does my stepmother know how to make such things happen? Yes, she has people helping her who can do that, and comes from a banking family. She’s since told my out of town relatives she had nothing to do with the theft of the money, which is a lie.

I asked her at least ten times for a copy of my father’s trust document because the distribution of his will is in it. Finally, she gave me a copy and I filed it. Apparently, it was among the things her granddaughter took from my house. Although I didn’t look for it for several months after her visit, it is no longer in the file. I didn’t make redundant file copies or scan it. It stated anyone who disagreed with the distribution and filed a suit in probate forfeited everything distributed. It didn’t occur to me the executor might have wanted the contingency of rewriting the document’s terms to set forth a legal premise for my wholesale forfeiture. Rewriting such a document is illegal, and very hard to prove.

I closed my Facebook page after people I’d known 45 years unexpectedly told me I was deranged and belonged in jail. Immediately stepmom asked how it felt to lose my last friends. She didn’t threaten my life, but asked me a hundred times if I thought I would go to heaven. She enjoyed this verbal childishness.

In April 2013, we had dinner together for the last time. She stated I was about to experience a “significant downgrade” in my living situation. I knew the trustee had removed all the money, but had not seen the bank statements. When I surrendered the last cat, I stopped talking to this gargoyle, my monstrous stepmother. I’d have been very pleased if we could have been acquainted after so many years and having become family. She never wanted it.

My father and stepmother raised six children. Any one of them would tell you I was the only one who didn’t present constant trouble with drinking, drugs, outrageous relationship problems, big expense and constant headaches. It didn’t matter. I was not the family namesake, and existed for the sole purpose of pounding and blasting. I received the most scouring, blistering punishment and no assistance from these self-appointed gods—a typical behavior for conservative authoritarian fanatics.

My father left the substantial portion of his worth with my stepmother, the executor, over a half million dollars, despite my being his sole heir, my only brother having died seven years before. It included a new car, oriental carpets, jewelry, paintings and art objects, furniture and other personal items. Along with diamond rings, she received my mother’s diamond Piaget watch and a brand new, gold Rolex President in the box, a gift to my father from my real mother and worth at least $50,000 that she said she’d pass along, and later lied that she had no such thing. She offered me items from his desk like pencils and half-used containers of car polish. He left me only the money. She put it into the draconian trust bank account, and immediately sent a form to me asking my signature and permission for her to assume that money for reassignment along with all future income. I’ve been poor all my life thanks to this beating. She is said to be worth $30 million and never had to look for a job.

She and the trustee seem to have gone berserk, and appear to have very serious mental problems. I consider them both extremely dangerous. I see that being congenial to them at any time was always a terrible mistake. They are criminals. He is guilty and she is complicit in the theft of the trust’s entire assets. He is drowning in a sea of debt. He has a large court judgment against him and recently went through foreclosure. It appears he threw the money into that sea of debt to stand down the wolves at the door for a short time, and never intended to return one penny of it. They have no accountability concerns. It’s a perfect bum’s shuffle, and I call that REALLY DARLING.

Each time I spoke with the trustee and executor, they told me they spoke on the phone and met often and regularly. It is documented in our e-mail, and the trustee charged the trust for his meeting with her, documenting it in invoices, even after I told him to stop the practice and stop talking to her. She is as guilty of the illegal looting of virtually all the trust’s assets as the trustee. She told my nephew she is leaving him all her money on the condition he stop speaking to me. She’s lying about leaving him her money, and he hasn’t communicated with me for many months.