Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I'm nearly history

This year’s thirteenth encounter with a contaminated consumable happened Saturday, November 22, 2014, four and a half months after the previous poisoning July 9. The violent vomiting nearly gave me a hernia.

Its disruption defies description. The contaminant came from the bottled drinking water in the refrigerator. The note saying I report these events in writing to law enforcement is still on the refrigerator. As before, one can’t avoid seeing the warning, and whoever performs the errand does not care.

I consumed very little of it, and have a real unsteady stomach three days later. There has been no food preparation here since March, almost nine months. That’s an onerous burden. I’m experiencing a few odd physiological problems that may be related to the poisoning and am about to break down and see a doctor.

With regard to trusts, Oklahoma is not a state, but a contingent, provincial territory. The presence of the trust means no rules or laws apply. You can steal the money, kill the victim’s pets, burn the victim’s house and kill the victim. It’s all completely legal, and you cannot face civil or criminal liability. I’m nearly history. That’s what trust means.