Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Gang stalking

I’d been thinking there is a name for what’s been happening. I was right. The name is gang stalking.

Gang stalking has nothing to do with street gangs. It means many people are involved causing a variety of harassment and trouble. Read about it at fightgangstalking.com. It describes what’s been happening to me in very great detail! I was stunned.

I made a diary note about my computer being hacked September 20. It wouldn’t boot and said it couldn’t load the user profile. I brought it up and found a new profile named TEMP set up to take ownership and lots of events in event viewer. I removed the profile.

I’ve taken to carrying a camera. When my next door neighbors see it, they run. Sure enough, it says in the website perpetrators don’t want their pictures taken. I told the police I was thinking of printing a flyer about these assholes, and sure enough, the website says you should do just that. It says you should post signs and banners and write letters to politicians and the media.

Ordinarily, gang stalking is ordered by a government agency as a means of overloading and neutralizing someone labeled subversive. They farm this job to a private organization that makes a business causing harassment, like the homeland security era counterterrorism institute. If you have the money and know who to call, you can order this service as a private individual. That’s what my father’s wife has done. This is what I get for loving them and being the only child they raised who didn’t cause problems and expense. The thing I liked best on the website was the many references to elements taken from the East German Stasi. Yeah, no kidding.

Friday, September 11, 2015

It doesn't matter

I received the most interesting news from the FBI agent yesterday when he returned my computer. He told me the Man of Steal has resurrected his business, put out his sign and is apparently operating as a certified public accountant. I was unaware of that. It should come as no surprise.

He told the state accountancy board. They reminded him our man’s looting of the trust was the worst case of malpractice they’ve ever seen. But, that’s all right.

Forget that his certificate was permanently revoked more than a year ago. That he doesn’t have a license is okay. IT DOESN’T MATTER!

You probably thought a guy had to go to graduate school and take a licensing exam to be a doctor, lawyer, architect or CPA. If you think that, you’re stupid and brain defective! You don’t need a license, and you can do anything you want. IT DOESN’T MATTER!

Just come to Oklahoma City. I’m hanging out my shingle. I am now a lawyer and brain surgeon. I’m going to pull out all them brains. It’s okay if all my patients die. IT DOESN’T MATTER! Nobody could do anything about it even if they cared, and nobody does or ever will.

A guy could wake up, “mistakenly” slaughter everyone in town and set the whole city on fire, and that would be just fine. IT DOESN’T MATTER!! He hasn’t broken any laws because there are no laws; in fact, what does the word “laws” mean, anyway? Oh yeah, I forgot—there is no such word.

Steal everything. Kill everyone. It just doesn’t matter and never will. In its haste to protect and cover up for the Man of Steal, the holiest of sacred gods, the “legal process” has legalized everything. That’s the real world you live in now.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Merrily we slog along

We sort of got some action this summer. I say sort of because something is more than nothing. In March 2015 we had no action, and I told the lawyers I had to compel their performance. I can’t bankroll them because the trust and I have very little money. There is always, usually, an obvious, legal and gentle solution to a problem.

I decided the civil and criminal cases were corrupted and took the matter up with the office of my state representative who happens to chair the legislative judicial committee—exactly the person I needed to tell my stupid yet sad story. I never got to meet the young man. His interim assistants generously made a few phone calls and things started to happen.

I reminded FBI that while I’m no expert, a cursory reading of the statutes that might be the basis of criminal charges have statutes of limitation of two, three and five years. Depending on whether or not the U.S. attorney wished to take action and what that action would be, it could be it was time to send them greetings and ask them to review the statutes of limitation and consider whether or not it was time to proceed.

They decided it was. On July 8, the Man of Steal was indicted and the next day he was arrested, the same day we received a favorable judgment in our civil case. He bonded out and was scheduled for trial in August. He’s using a public defender. His lawyer asked for a continuance to September, then asked for another continuance to November. The agent said the grand jury was not kind to my Man of Steal and he was unhappy about being arrested. That week he sent a letter to my lawyer complaining his mother had to go into the hospital so he wasn’t available for “a meeting,” the pretrial conference. He was supposed to send his lawyer to this court appearance, which is not a meeting. We received a default judgment.

In his letter he attributed his trouble in repaying the money he stole to the federal government’s failure to pay its bill. His story is he made a loan to a company doing a job for the IRS. A scandal in Congress that the democratic executive branch was unfairly targeting GOP political action committees and groups for IRS harassment in the form of audits and other actions meant IRS was not paying its bills (for some reason) and we were caught up in that.

According to the agent, he used the money to pay a previous court judgment regarding some other money he stole. The U.S. attorney’s representative told me it was not illegal for that party to receive my money, so under the criminal law my money is irretrievable. This is very bad news. The Man of Steal’s continued lying about the money is part of the assertion of fraud in the criminal case against him. He’s provided nothing to the trust in restitution and is technically in much trouble.

But is he? The case does not appear in the U.S. attorney’s news section on their website. This is very troubling. I get e-mail notification of action in the federal case. The “victim notification system” or VNS website won’t load. On June 25 the agent took my computer and trust and personal tax forms into evidence. It took a month to get another computer built, and I’ve only recently been able to make it fully functional.

Meanwhile, my stepmother, working through the filthy killers living next door has made a lot of trouble in the neighborhood, and poisoning of the drinking water in my house has resumed. I encountered toxic water July 28, nine months after the last incident. It happened again last week, September 1, the fifteenth occurrence since the more aggressive poisoning began in January 2014. I’ve included the local police in my reports of this activity. Because stepmom and the Man of Steal told them I’m a brain defective liar, they don’t believe my complaint. I’ve learned that’s how they treat virtually all complaints, just when I thought I was somebody special.

So, we have something and nothing. The work of collecting from this former CPA and thief lies ahead. The money has been gone almost three years. He sits on money he was paid to do this thing, yet I know it isn’t declared income. The U.S. attorney’s office told me if he gets time, when he’s released they will follow him for 20 years in an attempt to collect. I was correct in my initial assessment that, in effect, stealing and killing are legal, for the inertia of the legal process. I have suffered much loss and more is to come. The idiots next door are murder conspirators and are in a very active mode on behalf of the monster my father married. I suppose she’s becoming increasingly eager to achieve my death. She doesn’t want the case to get to court, and the federal judge is helping her by granting far more continuance than the Man of Steal needs. The FBI has worked very hard for me. They’ve done everything possible to help resolve it, and I’m extremely grateful.