Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Section 5.01

The trouble started with the trust agreement document. One of the hilarious, sticky points of it is Article V, Section 5.01 stating the Trustee can violate any and all laws in the name of investing with a trust not funded or constructed for that purpose. Fortunately, no purses were snatched or banks robbed.

The section was interpreted and administered to assume that doing anything whatsoever with me and/or the trust was fine and hereby made completely legal, including forsaking the fiduciary relationship and stealing all the money, and that’s what happened. I interpret this as a disbarment-class violation of ethics by the $900 per hour lawyer who wrote it.

It matters what kind of person you are, whether justice finds you or not.

Monday, March 21, 2016

What else I did

This post was taken from a journal of events related to the finance fraud case up to page 3½ and December 2, 2013. The journal has 22 pages now.

That post tells what I did to engage the system of justice. This post describes details of pushing to keep the court cases moving and the ongoing, gang stalking program.

In the last three weeks I recalled my dad’s monstrous wife told me she’d have me designated an enemy of the state. I ignored and forgot that, but suddenly remembered it. That explains the pushback from the start with the criminal case. The designation strips a person of his constitutional guarantees of due process and the law’s protection. Designating anyone an enemy of the state is easy, and anyone can do it. No support is needed, or support can be phony.

Calling someone a traitor is the perfect start to committing every crime possible and getting away with it, and answers the question why I can’t go forward. If this happened, then the gang stalking program is funded by Department of Homeland Security, not my dear stepmother.

That’s all fine, except for a small detail: I’m not a subversive. I was targeted out of meanness and the perpetrators’ wishes to commit crimes and obstruct justice. The plan worked flawlessly. I told you from the start these experts would show you how to do it! It’s a miracle I haven’t been killed, with so many people knowing it’s completely legal. And, it’s clear why a simple finance fraud case hasn’t been disposed after almost three years, with the criminal team that caused it celebrated as holy saviors.

If the designation of traitor sticks, I’m a goner. This is what else I did after December 2, 2013. You can see it started great, then everything went to pieces:

12/4/13—My first conference with lawyers who would prepare a civil lawsuit.

12/5/13—IRS reported the Man of Steal’s company has no history as a contractor.

12/11/13—Lawyers and DHS APS specialist met to prepare to change trustees.

12/12/13—The Man of Steal was removed as trustee, and the new trustee was installed.

12/13/13—I met with the lawyers, DHS specialist and trustee. The lawyers said the charge to bring our lawsuit to the first court appearance would be $3-4,000 without other appearances.

12/17/13—I paid lawyers $3,000 to get them started since trust didn’t have the money.

12/27/13—We served the demand letter after the Man of Steal refused it the week before.

1/27/14—We filed the civil lawsuit. The defendant never responded.

1/28/14—FBI contacted me and scheduled a meeting the following week that was cancelled because of winter weather.

2/15/14—I made the first note about contaminated food or water, and wrote it happened three times since the beginning of the year. Although it had happened many times before, these instances were far more severe.

2/20/14—I had first contact with the state accountancy board examiner who told me the Man of Steal admitted he owned half the company in which he claimed he invested, which is a conflict of interest.

4/5/14—The trustee said lawyers billed us an additional $3,000.

4/14/14—I made first comment to FBI about contaminated consumables in my home. I didn’t record individual instances. It happened six times in March and April, bringing the year’s total to nine instances by the end of April. I ceased home food preparation this month.

5/8/14—The neighbors presented a new starved cat. They had pets in poor condition from the time they moved here. The daughter and her friends threw mud on my house.

5/12/14—I met with the lead lawyer who said he would prepare a list of questions for discovery. He never did this. The lawyers had been acting strangely for over a month and told me I’d wait for recovery.

5/14/14—The neighbors killed my cat, Fuzzy. His absence still leaves a great hole.

6/11/14—Consumed contaminated drinking water. The neighbors’ yard was mowed while I was gone, and I began suspecting them of either doing the home invasion or tipping the people who were.

6/13/14—I had the locks rekeyed and went out, then drank polluted water that was fine before I left.

6/16/14—Put a note on the refrigerator door warning that I advise law enforcement about poisoned food and water.

6/27/14—I complained to FBI about consuming this pollution, and was told to see a doctor. The lead lawyer went on a month’s vacation to the Galapagos Islands.

7/9/14—Drank polluted water again, 12th event since 1/1/14.

7/25/14—DHS specialist reported the state accountancy board permanently revoked the Man of Steal’s certificate. He was also fined $25,000 plus $7,022 costs. He hasn’t paid the fine.

8/15/14—After much urging the lawyers set the pretrial conference for 12/3/14.

9/25/14—I made a note that my neighbor SRPs (surveillance role players) had been very busy making noise and causing trouble all month.

11/8/14—SRPs who’d moved away came to my house to ask about the status of the court cases.

11/15/14—Surveillance trolls followed me in WalMart and Sam’s in a conspicuous manner.

11/22/14—Drank contaminated water, 13th event.

12/3/14—Neither my nor defendant’s lawyers showed for the pretrial conference, and the judge dismissed my civil lawsuit. I was at the courthouse, and the judge was furious. Note my lawyers and the judge committed disbarment-class violations of ethics.

12/11/14—Chewed out my lawyer. He said he’d meet with the judge 1/30/15 to ask about reinstating the lawsuit.

12/17/14—Drove by defendant’s house to see if it was vacant. He was there, and it was lavishly decorated for Christmas.

1/22/15—Told FBI I saw a doctor, got blood work, and my liver and gall bladder functions are excellent.

1/30/15—Lawyers advised the dismissal was vacated and the pretrial conference was rescheduled for 3/4/15.

2/28/15—Noticed surveillance trolls outside. My cat’s footprints in the snow going to neighbor’s house suggest they’re luring him.

3/4/15—Judge cancelled proceedings for bad weather, and the pretrial conference was not rescheduled. I made weekly requests for the lawyer to reschedule the pretrial conference.

3/23/15—Annoying little girl next door stated, “There’s nothing you can do about it, there’s nothing you can do about it.”

4/1/15—Lawyer set up a standing, monthly appointment.

4/10/15—Lawyer promised for fifth time he’d reschedule the pretrial conference. FBI agent was changed. Annoying little girl told me and the neighborhood they killed my cat, that I am a coward and she was going to break all my windows.

4/12/15—Neighbors had a very noisy, screaming fight with other neighbors that lasted hours, then the little girl wanted to know if I called the police. I hadn’t and said no.

5/6/15—The pretrial conference was set for the THIRD time for 7/8/15.

5/14/15—I had surgery to repair ruptured ligaments in my right hand. The repair failed.

5/22/15—I caught the brat next door and other little kids terrorizing my cat, something they’d been doing for a couple months. I yelled at them. They called the police. The child cop didn’t arrest me but told me next call, I go to jail. I’m now on the “okay to shoot” list with local police.

(From March to June I conversed with people in the state legislature about these cases. Whatever they did, it helped move them forward.)

6/3/15—FBI said they were close to indicting the Man of Steal.

6/8/15— was finally updated, first time since the previous December, showing correspondence for the defendant was sent to the wrong address.

6/25/15—FBI asked for and I gave them my computer and last two tax returns for me and the trust.

7/8/15—The defendant failed to show for the pretrial conference and we got a default judgment.

7/9/15—The Man of Steal was arrested. He made bond and was released.

7/28/15—Drank contaminated water, event #14. I reported this to the local police. The officer was a smart aleck.

7/29/15—Signed consent form for FBI to search my computer. I was told the grand jury was not kind to the defendant, and that he used my money to pay a previous judgment.

8/3/15—Case workers from the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health visited for a “wellness check” requested by the police officer to whom I made my report.

9/1/15—Drank polluted water again, event #15, and my neighbor’s whole family was in the street all day observing.

9/10/15—FBI returned my computer and told me the defendant is operating his business despite his certificate revocation.

9/20/15—My computer was hacked and wouldn’t boot. I fixed it easily. That was very unusual and had never happened.

9/23/15—Because they had been in the street all day every day for a month making noise and yelling my name, I wrote “gang stalkers and serial killers” in chalk on the curb in front of the neighbors' house. The little girl said, “We’re going to kill you, too.” They called the police who were told to arrest me before they arrived. When they realized they were being coached by the same people conducting the gang stalking program, they left. I told them the little girl wasn’t enrolled in school and apparently never had been. They didn’t care about any of that.

9/25/15—Hammered with odd, anonymous phone calls. Discovered my handgun was disabled.

9/26/15—Went to a gunsmith who told me four to six weeks turnaround. A stranger was observing our conversation.

9/28/15—What do you know, I was moved up in line with the gunsmith, who said the mainspring was disconnected.

10/27/15—The Man of Steal pled guilty after receiving four months’ continuance and agreed to restitution. The U.S. attorney said his sentencing hearing should be scheduled in 60 to 90 days.

10/31/15—For 14 hours my answering machine self-activated, saying “recording a message” and “mailbox full,” then abruptly stopped and reset.

12/25/15—Saw female surveillance troll with phone outside.

1/4/16—Drank polluted water that gave me uncontrollable diarrhea for three days, event #16.

1/14/16—Photographed surveillance troll in parking lot.

1/20/16—Saw surveillance troll with phone in restaurant making himself obvious.

1/27/16—Drank polluted water, event #17. A very severe instance.

2/5/16—Drank polluted water, event #18.

2/17/16—Resumed conversation with state and federal lawmakers asking if they can help move these cases forward in that all the deadlines have passed, yet we haven’t had the defendant’s first court appearance.

2/19/16—FBI says they don’t know when the next proceeding will happen in the criminal case.

2/22/16—U.S. attorney has no entry after the defendant pled guilty 10/27/15, nor do they know if the probation office has prepared the PSR, or presentencing report, which they must review with the defendant.

2/23/16—Fuel Box Girl was arrested in Logan County on a murder complaint.

3/10/16—U.S. attorney reports the PSR is completed and the sentencing hearing should be scheduled within a month. I delivered documents to lawmakers and sent various e-mails regarding the cases.

3/16/16—The FBI agent told me this is slow even by federal government standards. One can understand that, with the bad guys lying (and everyone believing) I’m a bigger traitor than Benedict Arnold. He knows I’m not engaged in subversive activity.

I left out the blistering defamation work this outfit does. It’s destroyed every friendship and keeps doing it. I omitted the two months I worked on the victim impact statement and the U.S. attorney's resignation a day after his office received it. I left out many gas lighting events and many small instances of harassment. I do not want to fill in more pages of this horrible diary.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Fuel Box Girl's TV debut

Fuel Box Girl meant to keep her identity secret, so she’s shown in silhouette and her voice is altered in this good-looking, 2009 KFOR news story. She complained women working in grounds keeping on work release at the Oklahoma governor’s mansion were being raped by state services employees also working at the mansion.

Two of the men were fired for sexual misconduct, something the state is very reluctant to admit because it can be the basis of civil liability. The state would prefer not to be sued for that (poor babies), and I wrote about it back then.

It’s a shame she was arrested for murder in that she’s already spent time in prison, and has a demonstrated history as an exploited person. Fuel Box Girl, my sister-in-law, who’s pictured in the video, and the journalist all did the right thing talking about this outrageous circumstance at the state’s first family’s home. You don’t surrender human rights because you are in jail.

It isn’t funny to me she finds herself behind the eight ball again. It strikes me as hilarious that I’ve told so many that she and others have had the idea they’d kill me, get money and get away with it, and they did not believe a word of it. Now, there is good reason to think again. She is low on my tree-structured organizational chart of murder conspirators in that she tried only once. She called many times attempting to return and make sure her firebomb was still functional, so she gets good marks for effort. I’d already cleaned it up, and she wasn’t invited back.

Because she and her boyfriend, my sister-in-law’s stepson, needed money, I gave her about $600.00 consisting of cash and a new fuel pump for their vehicle. I also bought my sister-in-law a nice pair of diamond studs for her birthday the month before, so this episode cost me about $2,000.00. For trying to be nice to these people, they attempted to rob and kill me. The prosecutor and her defense lawyer are on the spot to resolve her new case properly. It’s possible she deserves mercy.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Meet murder suspect Fuel Box Girl

My sister-in-law, an attorney, was trustee for this idiotic trust before I unseated her and installed the Man of Steal. She wanted me to move to her parents’ hometown, MacAlester, OK, and threw a wild, screaming, crying, tears and snot flying fit saying what I needed to do was have her friend come to my house and help me pack.

I told her I didn’t need any help, but reluctantly agreed. The girl she sent built a firebomb in my kitchen I named “fuel box,” and I talked about that in this post. She and the trustee were following my dad’s wife’s lead, that the assets were to be stolen and I was to be eliminated.

They were excited by the idea of killing a person, making money and getting away with it. I called them murder conspirators; specifically, people who would plan and carry out murder for money, with the promise of protection from the law. That idea is compelling and contagious to some people.

Local police and federal law enforcement did not care to hear this, and have acted like no one should worry since murder isn’t actually illegal. Certainly it never had anything to do with stolen money, and my mentioning it proved what my thieving killers told them, that I was born without a brain. The DHS adult protective services specialist told me to not talk about it.

Last week, the girl who made this firebomb, aka fuel box, was arrested for—guess what—murder. It seems her fiancĂ© came up with a bullet in the head and he died. She told the police he committed suicide. They studied the facts and her changing account, and decided she shot him. So, she sits in the Logan county jail and is presumed not guilty.

My list of murder conspirators surrounding this case now has at least 20 names if not more. The law does not care about that or the stolen money. No one, not even my own lawyers, will talk to me. The civil and criminal cases are hopelessly stalled despite favorable judgments. Do any of them have cause to rethink things since her arrest? Apparently they do not. Something else is wrong with all of it. As always, I’ll be the last to know. Hey, this is hilarious again. I wonder if the others are laughing.