Thursday, March 3, 2016

Fuel Box Girl's TV debut

Fuel Box Girl meant to keep her identity secret, so she’s shown in silhouette and her voice is altered in this good-looking, 2009 KFOR news story. She complained women working in grounds keeping on work release at the Oklahoma governor’s mansion were being raped by state services employees also working at the mansion.

Two of the men were fired for sexual misconduct, something the state is very reluctant to admit because it can be the basis of civil liability. The state would prefer not to be sued for that (poor babies), and I wrote about it back then.

It’s a shame she was arrested for murder in that she’s already spent time in prison, and has a demonstrated history as an exploited person. Fuel Box Girl, my sister-in-law, who’s pictured in the video, and the journalist all did the right thing talking about this outrageous circumstance at the state’s first family’s home. You don’t surrender human rights because you are in jail.

It isn’t funny to me she finds herself behind the eight ball again. It strikes me as hilarious that I’ve told so many that she and others have had the idea they’d kill me, get money and get away with it, and they did not believe a word of it. Now, there is good reason to think again. She is low on my tree-structured organizational chart of murder conspirators in that she tried only once. She called many times attempting to return and make sure her firebomb was still functional, so she gets good marks for effort. I’d already cleaned it up, and she wasn’t invited back.

Because she and her boyfriend, my sister-in-law’s stepson, needed money, I gave her about $600.00 consisting of cash and a new fuel pump for their vehicle. I also bought my sister-in-law a nice pair of diamond studs for her birthday the month before, so this episode cost me about $2,000.00. For trying to be nice to these people, they attempted to rob and kill me. The prosecutor and her defense lawyer are on the spot to resolve her new case properly. It’s possible she deserves mercy.

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