Wednesday, December 11, 2013

It's shocking

It’s shocking someone can steal this much money, leaving clear documentation, and the law fully allows it. County, state and federal law enforcement laughed at me. They insisted I’m crazy and that I imagined it.

I needed their help! The trustee won’t return anything with nothing more than a civil lawsuit judgment, assuming I can get it. The criminal case, on the other hand, would extend the option of jail time if a mere order isn’t enough incentive. The criminal case can include exemplary damages, for which I qualify. The state accountancy board could handle it. They can enlist a special investigator (heh). But, since law enforcement doesn’t recognize this as a crime, the state accountancy board is paralyzed and mute.

Plus, this asks people to do something, so you know what won’t happen.

With what the trustee charged to rob me, the total amount is $188,000.00, approximately, by my last count. That’s real money. There are laws prohibiting stealing from trusts, but Oklahoma county, Oklahoma and the United States don’t enforce them.

This means any behavior is constructively legalized by the lack of enforcement. This means law enforcement was right to laugh at me, and I am stupid, truly stupid, profoundly stupid. I can put it on a list, and put the list in my pocket. I can complain on the internet, as you see.

If the attorney follows through, I’m about to sue this stinking shit hole. It won’t return anything. It will create a debt for the trust and for me. The trustee, a certified public accountant in good standing with the state of Oklahoma, will have succeeded in stealing that much money from me, a person on disability who lives like a church mouse.

The only people who steal and see the inside of a jail in Oklahoma are children committing minor shoplifting offenses and poor people writing relatively little in hot checks. The business owners aren’t relegated to an old age of jaw-dropping poverty, unlike what will happen to me. Nonetheless, their miniscule loss brings the full force of the law down onto the unsuspecting perpetrator. Writing hot checks can get you 20 years’ imprisonment in Oklahoma.

My thief will walk away with the money. He’ll be celebrated and idolized. In coming centuries, he’ll be the hero of songs and legends. I’m vilified by what’s left of my family, and thought an irresponsible, lying troublemaker. They share their opinion with the community, whose hate snowballs. If I’m fortunate, I won’t get shot by someone who wants me to keep quiet—most likely the police. That’s all and the best for which I can hope.

It’s beyond unbelievable. It’s shocking. But, it would be shocking to someone of my naiveté and full-bore stupidity. Victims are dumb. That’s what makes us victims.

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