Wednesday, December 18, 2013

CPA = Criminal Plundering Assclown

If I had read the by-laws of the American Institute of CPAs before designating a CPA as trustee, I wouldn’t have done it. What a revelation! Holy Mother of God, I was a complete imbecile to hire a CPA.

I made the childish assumption the professional association specifies standards of behavior for members. I made the brain dead ignorant presumption the association applies curbs to a CPA’s behavior and operates a process capable of behavior modification in case of runaway criminal misconduct. This is complacency with no factual basis, and therefore imagined, wishful thinking.

I didn’t know the AICPA is an organized crime outfit. This inarguable fact is revealed by a partial or entire reading of the gang’s by-laws.

AICPA doesn’t forcibly remove a member until he’s been tried, convicted, incarcerated and has served more than a year in prison. This crime syndicate has no other effective discipline. If the criminal serves his sentence or busts out and takes it on the lamb, and the state CPA terror cell admits him as a member, the AICPA rejoins the outlaw immediately. These jackasses proudly see no evil in their own. That’s very sobering.

No wonder the state accountancy board and law enforcement laughed at me. I’m truly a babe in the woods. That’s not all.

AICPA provides indemnification insurance for officers and members facing criminal or civil challenges. The professional association is not simply blind to its members’ law breaking. It provides unlimited legal defense funding to make sure the people their crime associates rob and destroy can’t recover. A CPA’s client is reduced to the level of street-bound reprobate.

Everyone laughs at the stupid nitwit who enlisted a CPA. The CPA’s professional association endorses, supports and promotes their members’ robbing their clients, writing phony reports, filing fraudulent tax returns, and enriching themselves while obliterating their ridiculous clients. State and national CPA association crime kingpins rev up the membership to contribute to global economic collapse. They are full-fledged practitioners of communitarianism. It’s an education in nothing useful.

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