Tuesday, May 2, 2017

My creditor's claim and the estate's worth

When Dennis’s lawyer told Judge Vicki Miles-LaGrange Dennis had died that very morning at the sentencing hearing May 6, 2016, the indictment against him was dismissed within days, and the U.S. attorney told me it should provide some comfort that I could rely on the civil judgment for restitution. I told him it was certainly no comfort.

For measure I instructed “my lawyers” to file a claim against his estate, and they did August 11, 2016. The summary of the probate action is here. Notice the document has no lawyers’ signature block, which is odd. It mentions our $380,177.50 civil judgment and the federal indictment. I asked why neither I nor the trust got a bill for this, and in October the law firm admitted my stepmother had been paying their invoices for some time, and I assume from almost the beginning.
In that my stepmother talked Dennis into stealing the money and helped him make it disappear, I complained to the bar association about this unacceptable conflict of interest. The bar association did not feel it merited an investigation. However, the lawyers broadcast the news widely, so now I won’t be able to hire a lawyer.

Dennis’s wife filed a written statement of claim February 27, 2017 that his estate’s worth is a negative $617.84, so I assume that is that, a miserable ending to a previously hard-working, honest man who couldn’t resist stealing my entire future. I sent “my lawyers” a letter terminating them and told them their insufficient, ineffective counsel makes them liable for all the loss to the trust, in that they ignored my numerous pleas to ask the court for a structured repayment schedule for a year after we received the judgment.
For writing laws allowing my spurious designation as “an enemy of the state,” requiring no support and for which I have no appeal, thus making stealing these assets virtually legal, the United States is potentially liable, assuming I could hire a lawyer, and I can’t, and assuming a lawyer would see it through. Judging from the slight precedent, the behavior of all the lawyers in these cases and considering no one can name a lawyer who is a human being and might make me their client, suing the good old U.S.A. is highly unlikely. Nonetheless, it’s not just okay.

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