Sunday, January 15, 2017

My journal of events

These are pages from my journal beginning in 2013. I paged through it a couple weeks ago and found it very shocking. This mess is far from a conclusion. There is more to steal, and the gang stalking events continue.

In Oklahoma it’s accepted you can steal what amounts to a quarter million dollars from someone’s bank account, then KILL THEM. “The law” simply does not care about stealing and killing. The journal is solid evidence this is absolutely true. I haven’t made a note about every instance of a surveillance troll. I saw some several times last week.

I stopped counting after 20 encounters with contaminated water and food. There are many more in this journal, and it happened before I started the journal. It has happened scores of times. This is outrageous. Stealing and killing aren’t crimes. The crime is complaining about them.

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