Saturday, April 9, 2016


With the exception of a last minute rescheduling, our hero, the indestructible Man of Steal, the holiest of sacred gods and savior of the universe, is set to be sentenced May 6 in the federal criminal case. It will be 34 months after I discovered the details of his pocketing the trust’s money. It will be his first court appearance.

The system of justice has not wanted the trust, and therefore me, to recover, and has not wanted to penalize him. It’s also been fine for anyone and everyone, including the police, to commit every possible crime against me, and that has seemed very strange.

Having just paid an unusually large tax bill, I hope I won’t be arrested or killed at this hearing, if I decide to attend it, and I hope to learn something about why all this law breaking has been of so much less than no concern to the world. If history has anything to say, I doubt I’ll learn anything. I would think paying substantial taxes would entitle me to the law’s protection, and laugh at how silly that sounds.

It is still a major milestone, one I’ve personally worked very hard to achieve, far too hard for too long. I will NEVER again submit a problem to the legal process.

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