Tuesday, September 2, 2014

ANOTHER dump animal

The animal dump family living to the immediate east is in full production mode. Here is the latest flea-infested, unfixed, unvaccinated cat desperate for food and water every day for many weeks. Today I had the unhappy job of taking this kitty to the animal welfare center.

These people are still on my stepmother’s payroll hoping to produce lots of work and expense, not to mention a blood feud that branches into further trouble. This has been going on for years with no sign it will end. Certainly, stepmom assured me that whatever I do, wherever I may move, I will always have this problem in that she’ll see to it.

I used to take these animals to the doctor and put them in first class condition. I can no longer do this as my condition deteriorates. Fostering these animals has proven to encourage more dumping. They have a much better chance for survival at another location than here where my neighbor’s family appears to be patronizing petmemories.com, a home pickup pet cremation service. Where is the love of God?

Updated 9/4/14: The girl next door and her daughter are spending much time on my porch, pounding on the door, shouting threats and attempting to entice the two cats under my care. When I open the door, they quickly retreat. I wish everyone could have these hired weirdoes as their neighbors.

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