Monday, March 31, 2014

Ten months have passed

I enter the tenth month of attempting to introduce this trouble to the legal process. If criminal charges were filed against the filthy, murderous certified public accountant who stole my money, I might think a few weeks or months from now it happened quickly. Looking back on how long it’s been since I got the bank statements and how clear is his stealing, I realize the legal process hasn’t failed: it doesn’t exist.

I call him murderous because he is fully aware of the executor’s intention to rub me out, institutionalize or imprison me to remove me from the vicinity. Willingly and happily, he played his part in it. In Oklahoma, stealing from a trust, conspiring to murder and apparently killing the beneficiary have been constructively legalized. The executor and trustee are smart. I am stupid. I deserve to be robbed and killed, so in this case the rules are discarded and it’s perfectly legal.

In the nearly three years since my father’s death, it has become apparent the casual name-calling that proceeded endlessly out of my father’s and brother’s mouths has been replaced by something very proper and formal. In that the executor knows people who operate counterterrorism organizations that contract with the federal government, I would say she turned the defamation effort over to one of them. The product they have delivered in the local community is as good quality as one would see from a government intelligence agency, and indeed it is.

When one speaks of a trust, it has come to mean society relies on the trustee to rob and slaughter the beneficiary. The benefit of talking to lawyers and law enforcement has been that the perpetrators are aware other people know of this trouble, and my disappearance or untimely death could be considered suspicious. For the moment, their elimination plans have been delayed. I needed an aggressive collection effort. Since the trustee took all the money, the trust could not buy the usual forensic audit. From what I’ve seen, it wouldn’t have helped anyway, and I’ve been able to deliver exactly nothing.

A month ago I received assurance from the victim specialist that law enforcement would do everything they could to work this case, and they can do much. I was asked for names of additional people to notify, which suggests they expect progress. I hoped we might hear something. Silence followed.

I observed the rules, which is what stupid, impoverished people do. The trustee broke many laws. He is a great genius. He stole much tax-paid money, got away with it, and has no fear of consequences, ever. He can go forward to steal everything in town and kill everyone, and it will be okay. The lack of rules and enforcement infer now that the money is gone I must lie down and be killed, or face the full force of the law that protects those who steal and kill. I didn’t know we have descended into total anarchy. I’ve passed event horizon with these people and their silly ideas.

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