Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The value of persistence

The civil lawsuit was filed January 27, 2014 in the district court of Oklahoma County. The case number is CV-2014-138. Neither the former trustee nor his attorney has responded. If they don’t appear, we could get a default judgment, which is good news.

The bad news is I might never see how this dumb bell explains under oath what he did.

I was surprised to learn law enforcement is in the preliminary investigative phase with the idea of possibly bringing criminal charges against this rotten, dirty, conniving thief, who is, of course, a certified public accountant in good standing in Oklahoma.

I was pushed away from the legal process for 8½ grinding months. I told the DHS APS specialist I was beginning to think it was impossible. She and/or my lawyers had the magic words that turned the key. An investigator said they would figure out where the money went.

In two years, the former trustee charged $13,932.40 for his services. I’ve processed a stack of his invoices over more than 30 years, and this is far too expensive. He took out another $175,450.00 in checks without description and a cash withdrawal he said he invested. The investment did not perform. He helped himself to a total of $189,382.40.

He goes to work every day and thinks he’s done nothing wrong. Fundamentally enabled by the law’s inertia, he took all my money. He got away with it, and as with the executor, he blamed it on my stupidity and laughed a billion times (HAW HAW HAW).

In the past two weeks I’ve twice had a severe case of food poisoning from food that was good before I left the house for a few hours. It’s happened three times in the last month, and 10 times in the preceding two years. It is suspicious in that it’s always salmonella and comes from foods not usually subject to infestation. I’ve done my own cooking for more than 40 years and am unaccustomed to dry heaving all night. One instance left me sick for more than three weeks. It had been my father’s practice for decades to hire people to go into my house while I’m out, and it seems it’s still happening for this and other reasons. I’m pursuing appropriate countermeasures. Poisoning me is a recurring theme with the executor. I suspect this is happening, and I suspect she is behind it. What a hassle.

The lawyers advised me not to put names on this website yet because it can, as one said, “muddy the water.” I had planned to file a report with the Better Business Bureau, but BBB doesn’t accept reports about licensed professionals or matters in litigation. I don’t know the hearing date.

I asked the lawyers if they could figure out a way to dissolve the trust, which is nothing good. If someone tells you they are putting together a trust for you, understand it’s possible they want to rob and slaughter you posthumously. It’s the greatest joy and proper work for an Oklahoma certified public accountant and the executor from hell.

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