Monday, November 18, 2013

How to earn extra money: JUST STEAL IT

Welcome to a new blog, CPA loots trust. It is SIMPLY DARLING.

Are you a licensed professional and smarmy weasel who'd like to earn extra money? Just steal it! That's right, that's what I said: just steal the money.

As a trustee, you are well-positioned to fatten your bottom line by writing yourself checks from someone else's bank accounts. You can do it, so JUST DO IT, steal your sorry, loser client's money like there's no tomorrow.

In upcoming posts, I'll detail how my trustee, an Oklahoma certified public accountant, helped himself to the assets of my trust accounts, lying, concealing and stealing his way to financial independence while evading law enforcement and condemning me to old age in abject poverty. He has a bitter, mean old woman worth tens of millions helping him and supporting his defense, so he has no worries about silly things like consequences.

They plot my death to keep this teeny, $200,000 accounting irregularity quiet. You can see the whole thing is JUST DARLING.

If you're a CPA, or someone who'd like to get rich with unearned money, learn it from these experts and subscribe to my RSS feed. I'll tell you all about it and show how all my countermeasures simply don't work, because in Oklahoma, STEALING AND KILLING ARE PERFECTLY LEGAL. That's what I call really darling.

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